Since 2006, death metal with strong melodies is the identifying feature of Burial Vault.

The German five-piece refers to many different atmospheres and topics within their songs which you can find in their music and as well in their socially critical lyrics. During their career, the band played a lot of festivals such as Legacyfest 2009 und Metalfest Germany West 2012 and also on numerous concerts alongside Disbelief, Sinister, Lay Down Rotten, Torture Squad (o.a.).

logo-mit-symbol-transparentAfter two self-released EPs (“There Is No Resort“ and “Come To Grief“), the band released the album „Ekpyrosis (Periodic Destruction)“ (2012) and the complex concept album „Incendium“ (2013) via Apostasy Records. Both were produced by Joerg Uken in his Soundlodge Studio (Dew-Scented, God Dethroned o.a.).

In 2015, the band presents their newest output “Unity In Pluralism” which was produced by Victor Santura at the Woodshed Studio (Obscura, Pestilence, Dark Fortress, Tryptikon a.o.). The album will also be released via Apostasy Records and contains eleven songs that show all of the bands facets accompanied by a lot of new nuances. The artwork was done by Costin Chioreanu (Arch Enemy, At The Gates a.o.) and matches the mind of the music perfectly.{:}